Our Services

NASSA is your Short Sale Solution

Short sales are time-consuming and detail-intensive. For a real estate agent working with a home buyer or seller involved in a short sale in Florida, the process can be difficult to navigate and, more importantly, take your attention and time away from more critical tasks. NASSA's attorneys and staff can save you time and effort by providing these short sale services:
  •  Review condition of title
  •  Provide preliminary title report for lender
  •  Update title report as necessary
  •  Identify appropriate loss mitigation specialist and begin review process
  •  Review, assemble and submit loss mitigation package to lender
  •  Provide HUD settlement statement
  •  Perform regular follow-ups with lender to expedite the transaction
  •  Maintain contact with client/seller and lienholder(s)
  •  Communicate lender issues to you, the real estate agent or broker
  •  Order HOA disclosure package
  •  Attempt to obtain lender and other lienholder acceptance of short sale